Monday, November 2, 2009


The Inflatables

This is some work I did for my old party band The Inflatables, we did a whole bunch of house party jams mashing up old school records with a live band, 2 DJs and 2 MCs. Was fun but we were all so busy with all our other shite that we didn't really pursue it. We did release a full length debut called 'Blueprint Adaption' but we put it out on cassette only. So very few people have heard it... I'm sure more than half the people who actually bought it still haven't heard it cos they don't have a tape player!

The design was a hell of a lot of fun to create. I tried to give the tape a real old school flavour, that old dirty faded look ~ The rest I just made super poppy and bubblegum flavoured.

This is a bit of a nastalgic post dedicated to my old Inflatable crew and all the people who bought the tape and can't play it! ha ha



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