Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paint Me Gold Lyrics/ Galaxy Pieces

I've written quite a few intergalactic love songs recently, the following is one of them currently titled 'Paint Me Gold'... I've put it together with some galaxy pieces I created a few weeks ago.



Verse #1///
Life was so black and white/
Yeah not so colourful/
Until my satellite got ya signal/
I was so underground/
I dug a whole down there/
Then popped my head to get some fresh air/
And when I looked outside/
It wasn't all that bad/
It feeling feel so sad/
In fact it felt quite rad/
Put on my pink and green flannel/
Packed the remote control to change channels/
That's when I done astral traveled/
On the back of my space camel/
Went to Jupiter and mars/
Had some lovers in the stars/
Now I'm more experienced/
So baby jump in the front/
We'll head off into the sun/
I know I've found my true love/
So come on paint me gold/
Girl you colour my soul let's go/

Colour me in paint me gold/
I'll be ya canvas if you'll be so bold/
The black and the white/
Is now colourful/
My satellite got ya signal/

You drew a portrait of me/
But made it much less ugly/
Yet you took nothin' from me/
It changed because you love me/
The opposite of Dorian Grey/
Sadness I'll never call you again/
Oh my god your a fucking saint/
You that artist with buckets of paint/
Like Picasso and Dali in one/
Add Van Gogh but you have more fun/
So c'mon paint me gold/
You the artist behind my soul/

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