Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nu Vibes from the Melodics HQ

Melodics have acquired a beautiful Head Quarters in Carlton which will now be fondly referred to as The HQ. The space is an ex-recording studio that went out of business presumably due to the shift from analogue to digital and is still decked out with dusty gear and old school energy. We have lugged our own gear in there and have been working on new material too many times a week; resulting in delirious concoctions and tensions – the outcome being some exciting sounds and songs.

The two newest songs are titled Weather Man and Superhero. The former is a banging, forceful electro number from the perspective of an angry weather man who is feeling the effects of continual criticism and guilt for either getting the weather wrong or having to read out potentially life-threatening climates n conditions. Superhero is a bouncy 80s-infused punk tune with a high-pitched chorus and some fat raps to balance it with the new school flavarinos.

Here are some of the lyrics:

‘Sometimes I act like I got a rocket pack on my back/
And I can fly and my identity is hidden/
And I feel like anything I do is right/
And I got the super-sight yes I got the X-ray Vision/
And I can save the world and I can take the girl/
The bad guy I grab and I hurl into the distance/
And in the mic check I flex my biceps/
Before I go I let em know that I’m a hero/’

So there be the first update from Le Melodics HQ …Will update some nu vibes soon. And some shots of the HQ.
Peace, Jeremedy

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