Friday, August 19, 2011

Rapper Tag #40 + Lyrics...!

I've had a few peeps hittin me up about uploading the lyrics of my Rapper Tag - so, um... here they is yo:

check it out it’s that intergalactic cat
gotta tip my cap for the tag from Mantra man
head into combat strapped with a battleaxe
in case people don't like me like Kyle Sandilands

but I'm like 'na na na' it doesn't it doesn't really matter man
I rap about rainbows does that make it faggot rap?
actually don't answer that ya probably not a fan o that
gotta pick ya crowd but I didn't cos this is rappertag

I simplify the letters like an ampersand
I am different like elephant man or adam ant
I won't be selling out for no stack o cash
nothing rhymes with orange so I refused a Fanta ad

so stand back while I stamp the track
full of colour like a plastic bag from amsterdam
but when i crome it's the microphone I'm rappin at
and if your wonderin this beat is from Ratatat

backpacker rappers write me off cos I'm not occa
but I'm from Australia dude yo I'm not soccer
I'm just being true to me in this scene
which incidentally is not being part of the scene

but the artist in me got art up in my arteries
so arty I was tagged in RT by RT
get it? Cos Mantra's name is Rob Tremlett?
and Rapper tag ... and RT and... ah forget it

you'll probably cop it later anyway like credit
I inject you with the remedy like diabetics
I speak in images like photographic critic biz
you can develop the negatives like a pessimist
whenever you see Jeremedy in your presence
you inevitably know it's time for rappin like december is
got my work cut out like Metelica's therapist
I'm a predator like Shwastaneggor's nemesis
everybody thinks that I'm some sort of terrorist
maybe I should blow up and put a morbid end to this

(breathe in and out) man I better slow down
just feel like i got so damn much to prove now
sick of being the underrated and understated
underground unappreciated underdog rapper
like being slapped in the nuts with Thundergod's hammer
and i'm so sick of climbing this fucking long ladder

kick out the rungs sick of kicking the jams
I need your approval like a kick in the pants
so cut it out like Edward Scissor Hands
peeps ask where I've been man I've been in my band

been bustin my balls in this band for six years
to realise we can't take it further like the fifth gear
this year decided to take the fuck over
with the grey ghost cloak hanging over my shoulder

the dopest MCs in the country telling me I needed to put out a solo LP immediately
I was like okay jeez just gimmi 3 months I made an EP now it's out in a few weeks

so check it out under the name Grey Ghost
sorry to The Melodics fans who came to the shows
it’s been mad fun but we callin it a day tho
thanks sincerely Jeremedy - I've been today's host

cheers for listening hope you diggin the style
if not fuck it man just be in denial
anyway enough frickin rhythmic chin wagging
like a grapher I’mna have ta do some god damn tagging

was thinking that I'd tag that dude Count Bounce
but then Joelistics would be mad if he found out
speakin of Joel's Rappaport would kill it
but then we'd have to hear from the whole of Big Village
ha kidding love to hear Jessewun from thundamentals
Julez or Elf Transporter kill an instrumental
that dude from rap news Hugo One
Dyl Thomas Urban Monk from Polo Club
who else I was thinkin of?... I know yes
my old mate D-fro from the Psyde Projects
could even deal with hearing another one from Drapht
thought I'd even tag Rhyno just for a laugh
hahaha nah that'd just be silly
I'mna please a few rapper tag fans n tag Illy

so did you catch that correct?
I double L Y Illy in effect
pick up the Grey Ghost EP when ya getasec…
out online everywhere late Sep...
temper don't forget man remember
And the last Melodics show happenin in Novemeber
Yeah 4th of N-O-V
come and have a bender with me Jeremedy...

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