Sunday, February 14, 2010


The Melodics are back at Miss Libertine to play Thursdays in March...
so it was time to get some new visuals happening.
I've been vibing on the hand-done non-consequential imagery
to create a mood:
Chewbucca in sunglasses, Rubick's Cubes, 3d glasses, Nintendo controller, Super 8 camera, projector etc etc.


"After swanning about in the sunshine and lapping up the good-time summer energy The Melodics have headed indoors to capture this feeling in song form.

Inspired by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys The Melodics have built a sandpit in their heated Headquarters to help tap into this feel good energy. Unfortunately, a week after commencement, Oceans Baroque and Fantastic Mr Fox were badly scolded in a freak spaceship accident on the way to rehearsal which brought a dark energy to the band....

This dark cloud VS sunny skies clash created a whirlwind of musical endeavors that the boys now describe as the dark-sun sounds, which has inspired brand new tunes such as Donkey Kong Suicide and Bang Bang."

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